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Forum in foreign language about Paddling in Estonia. Ask questions in English, Finnish or Russian. Before asking questions you have to register (Estonian word Registreeru, confirm your registration by e-mail and log in (Logi sisse). Then ask away.

See you on the water!
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ww kayaking
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Re:ww kayaking 01.04.2010 20:31 #5334

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Re:ww kayaking 04.04.2010 10:16 #5353

  • Janis
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Thanks a lot for info.

As in Latvia is a lot of water in all rivers we are running them:cheer:

But on next WE is high possibility that we are going to run nice Estonian rivers for two days and lets hope that Rainman will not close the tap:)

As the water level in Jagala is already 2 m, one Latvian kayaker sadly sad “that’s mean that Jagala will be not 8m but only 4m”.

About Magara – do you have any correlation with some other (bigger) river which is included in EMHI data base?

About Utria – sorry for my stupid question, that’s a place which is marked with heart is Utria?

About Kunda dam – where exactly is placed this dam (I thought on a map)?

Have a nice holydays and water!

Re:ww kayaking 04.04.2010 21:43 #5361

  • Pikk999
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Hi. This is Aluoja waterfall in 4 april. Water level in Toila oru Pühajõgi 108cm. I belive that water level is high in Mägara maybe max 5 days - no more.Aluoja waterfall location.

Kunda dam location.

About Jägala - record is 242cm. But they measure level 400m before dam.
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