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Formal procedure for sea kajaking in Eesti
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Formal procedure for sea kajaking in Eesti
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Re:Formal procedure for sea kajaking in Eesti 28.07.2011 11:35 #7769

  • Erx
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Hi Smilga,

Your feelings are correct. The kayaking and windsurfing stuff is all new for them. Started to monitor only last year. Last year it sometimes happened that they did not understand at all what we wanted to say.

This year they are more knowledgable and also when they see you on the sea, they would approach and remind you about informing them or then just to come and see how you are doing.

About the emergency.
There are quite a few options what to do with that information. First and foremost you have to be able to communicate if smth. happens. So you should still have a VHF or at least waterproof phone.

Second of all they have some preliminary information. For example if you call in emergency, but are not able to tell where exactly you are they have an idea where to look for. If somebody else sees you in trouble and calls, they have some preliminar information.

Third - they know how many of you are there. This is quite important because even people from the group are sometimes not able to tell after the accident how many people where in that group. So rescuers know for how many to look for.

Fourth and foremost.
You agree timings with them. For example I start from Rohuküla and go to Vormsi. Expect to be there 12:00 hours. If you do not report back after that time, they are forced to do something. First they will give you a call, but if no answer then they need to send somebody to the area. So for you it is advisable to make a call before and after every major crossing (more than a mile for example).

And fifth.
Rescue center does take this information into account when positioning the boats. Not always but when this is possible. For example last week when paddling to Keri we reported to Merevalvekeskus and clearly the boat arrived to the area just to check us out.
Mul jalad põhjas. Kas põhi ongi käes?

Re:Formal procedure for sea kajaking in Eesti 28.07.2011 17:24 #7774

  • kavalpagan
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Hi Smilga,

If you are looking for official forecast there are two options:

1. option. Tallinn Raadio broadcasts forecasts and navigational warnings on VF channel 69.
Local (official) forecasts at: 06.33 ja 15.33 Local Time
Navigational and storm warnings at: 02.33, 06.33, 10.33, 14.33, 18.33, 22.33 Coordinated Universal time (UTC)

2.option. Synoptics from Estonian Meteorologica - Hydrological Intitute will say it if you call +372 900 10 32 (0.86 EUR/min)
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Re:Formal procedure for sea kajaking in Eesti 02.08.2011 17:36 #7793

  • Smilga
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Hi Kavalpagan:
Thank you for info
Good to know

Actually we used Windguru as forecast source, but as their forecast couple of days was challenging I just tried to confirm that with rescue services
(as I presumed that they should have good forecast and need to know how to read that)
Usual 'civil' forecast usually is not very usefull (I mean those 2-10 m/s N to S wind, sometimes rainy)
Can Estonian Meteorologica - Hydrological Intitute give forecast for exact spot or they giving generall one (for Tallinn for example)
A bit surprised about VHF. Are they popular in Eesti. I do not know in Latvija any kajaker/windsurfer using those

To Erx:
Completely agree
Just about point 4
We just gave info that we are leaving and where we are going. No any timing. For example in first day it was close to 20miles. So timing can be quite different. But probably better option (as you suggest) just inform before and after major crossing (3 miles for example if weather is tricky
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