Reede, 25 Mai 2018

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this webpage is in Estonian. It is meant to help Estonian paddlers to start with the hobby and make it possible to share knowledge about paddling. Quite a bit of the information is technical and about the equipment. 

However Estonia has beautiful nature for paddling and here in the forums are many people who have very good information about paddling possibilities in Estonia in general. The foreign language forum is here.

Questions like

  • water levels in different rivers,
    limitations to visit islands,
    best starting places,
    where to rent equipment,
    licenses needed or not needed,
    and many others

can easily be answered by somebody in the forum.

This forum area is intended for all foreign language questions. Russian, English or Finnish are most likely the languages that people here speak.

How can you ask questions in the forums? 

To write to the forums you need to register with the site (to prevent spamming). Registering is free and easy process.  

Go to the mainpage - (Avaleht in Estonian)

Then in the right menu press  Registreeru

Then fill in your

  • Nimi - name
    Kasutajanimi - username
    E-mail -  that should be clear. Be sure to provide real e-mail as it is needed for confirmation.
    Salasõna - password
    Korda salasõna - repeat password

Then press Registreerun and off you go.  E-mail will be sent to you with a confirmation link. Use this to confirm the registration

Then go to the "Avaleht" , log in (Logi sisse) and you are ready to post.

This link will take you to foreign language forum area .

Welcome to Estonian paddling community!